How can we generate personal memories and form an individual bond through a piece of furniture? A table that grows old with its user, it changes as time goes on and depending on the way the owner uses it. At the same time, this table should be flexible in order to be able to deal with its different life stages. It interacts with the environment and with the owner.
    Just – adverb means to an exact degree or in an exact manner, very recently or at this or that exact moment or time. German definition: “Just“ or “Justament” is a formal term and has different meanings depending on the context of a sentence. For example „Just zu diesem Augenblick“ (just until now or until this moment) – in this case, “Just” represents a time up to the present and includes all circumstances until the present. In most cases this word would be in use, the period of “Just” represents never having a specific beginning or an end. Just should be a table or desk that interacts with the owner and serves the user in the way they want without dictating a specific rule or circumstances, or how its owner has to use it. But at the same time, it forces the owner to make a decision on how he or she wants to use the desk. In this regard, after editing the desk and all the components, the owner should consider it as optimal for himself, and the way he wishes to use it.


    Just – Desk
    As a desk, Just can be used in different ways in order to suit all the individual needs of its user. The site components can be used in three different ways as shown above and can be removed easily if it is not required. Furthermore Just can be simply moved due to the wheels with a lock and unlock function. All in all, Just offers full flexibility of ways to use the storage and movement.


    Just – Wardrobe
    On the other hand Just can be used as a wardrobe after turning it on a 90 degree angle. It does not need any extra support for its stability. The side components can be used as storage for bags and shoes, amongst other things. The main construction offers varied possibilities to hang or store clothes. The wardrobe can still be moved easily by using the wheels below.