The task of this project was to design a beer cooler for the well known Catalan beer brand Moritz. We started the design process with the slogan “we make the cooler, cooler”. The team included a graphic designer Mar Peñalva, a space designer Maite Pérez, both from Barcelona and two product designers, Giancarlo Temin from Milan and Prak Piakot from Berlin. Being such a multinational team, we were able us to analyze the product and the brand from different angles and enabled diverse and differentiated solutions regarding the product from the beginning.
    From the beginning we wanted to make the cooler more wearable and fashionable. Since Moritz already offered a huge range of home and fashion accessories for the bourgeois bohéme or bobo, the way Moritz describes its own preferred audience, we have the chance to fill this gap in their collection. The name of the coolte bag already gives us an idea of its function. It has to carry the message of the spirit of being Catalan and its heritage to the audience as well as cold beers. Furthermore it should be a collectable object that can be used in everyday life and suit the bohemian lifestyle. It should be a cult item, vintage, without being really old, retro with a 21st century twist that would catapult the yellow liquid into a magic potion. In this regard, a cooler needs to carry more than six glass bottles and at the same time, yet it should not inconvenience or disturb the user. We started to transform a cooler into a case for beers and storage for urbanists inspired by sailor bags that would fit with the Mediterranean lifestyle of Barcelona, the heart of Moritz.


    Team: Giancarlo Temin, Mar Peñalva, Maite Pérez, Prak Piakot