What is blip?
    In a world where screens dominate our attention, Blip is a game that wants you to get out and go exploring.
    The premise is simple: Two teams (orange and teal) hide each other’s Blips at the start of every round, and the first team to find all of their Blips wins! But there’s a twist: to find your Blips, you’ll need the help of a Tracking Bracelet, which vibrates with increasing urgency as you get closer and closer to a Blip. Think of it as a high-speed treasure hunt with a bit of 21st Century ingenuity and a lot of fun thrown in.


    We wanted to make a game that would make people move, create awareness of their environment, and turn any place into a playground. Sports do it effectively, but also tend to require expensive equipment, a lot of practive, a large group of people, etc. Running, hiking, and cycling are ways of turning transit and exploration into exercise, while parkour changes the way people look at their environment to suit freerunning. So we asked ourselves: how could we make a game or a toy that encourages people to move using 21st Century technology?


    Team: Isaac Soler, Liisa Widstrand, Cristian Paredes, Timothy Plummer, Prak Piakot